Network not found message

OK - been using these WDTV’s for 3 years without any problems till this weekend - now I cannot seem to get any information from thetvdb … for example - downloaded “Call the Midwife” last week and manually added the metahumb and xml data from thetvdb - no problem - this weekend ALL my downloaded TV’s will not retreive information from thetvdb - it sometimes finds the name of the prog and then when I go to the next stage to download the data it comes up with a message - netweork not connected. To check the problem - I went back to last weeks progs and did a “rescan” on them (I have tried at least 10 different TV progs - and every time, for example in the case of “Call The Midwife” where I already have the data - in the rescan it will find the prog and then give me the message “network not connected” … I have tried re-putting the names manually - adding dots - taking away dots - but now absolutely nothing gets the data from thetvdb. On the other hand EVERYTHING from themoviedb - is fine ?

I have restarted the box (livehub) - I have turned off - Media libraary - cleared the media library - restarted the box - disconnected and re-connected the hard drive - and reinitilised the media library - nothing makes any difference. All since this last weekend. I need some help please.

I have given up now.

The tvdb is not responding at the moment, you are not the only one. Hang tight, they are aware of the problem.

I’ve looked on the TVDB forums…  there’s not much discussion about this going on there…

Yeah - tell me about it … but here’s the problem … Hubflow CAN find the data but WD wont connect … Just tested it again with “Call the Midwife” and hubflow downloads ALL the xml’s for series 2 and the WD just says “Network Cant Connect” - this is also pointing to a problem on the way tthat the WD’s connexct up to thetvdb … very strange problem indeed.

I also have this problem since end of last week…

I have posted on theTVDB also.

I did read somewhere that they had performance issues and rebooted at the weekend.

Not sure how this would break things unless some daemons were offline - should have been easy to spot that though

I hope its not too long…