Network Mounted USB drives

The first ‘USB network hub’ I tried mounted 4 usb’s over ethernet but only mounted from one windows PC and the software kept resetting itself and it was retruned,

Now I’ve got ANYWHEREUSB2 I’m trying that works really well having a USB drive and a printer (other USB devices/combos will work too) that can be seen by all windows systems (both my windows systems are down now).But the kinda freaky guys at ANYWHERE have made it clear they are not going off ANYWHERE but windows, NOT to Android, NOT to unix, … ) It would be nice if WDTV could access ANYWHEREUSB drives directly over the network (but I’m sure I can get them through the Windows shares).

Can anyone recommend a eth network USB hub that will serve USB drive files or allow printer access to everything (Android, WDTV, unix clients supplied)?


I’m not using any hub, so I wont be able to recommend you any specific one.

Let’s see what other users can recommend on this case.