Network map

i have wd my cloud 3tb up and working and the mobile and desktop apps work fine.

i wanted to map the folders to my pc so that file transfer is faster than the app which is so slow

i managed to map the film folder (none which are public shared) fine then move on to the next folder and it asks for a user name and password (no passwords are set on any user as they all use the app), i just had to replace the last my cloud device due to a fault so had to setup all access and folders again, and now i get stuck on this.

have the wd quick view installed and tried to map the folders about 7 more folders ask for a user name and password (tried user name no pw and my windows domain network pw and user name all diff combos lol) 

also tried the wd discovery tool which done the same results

could all this have something to do with the public shared folder 

any help would be great

each computer should connect to the mycloud with 1 user, give that user access to each share as needed

this is a Windows limitation that only a single user can be used to map drives from a single device.

dont know what i done as i have now mapped all the folders to all the pc in the house 4 in total, 3 windows 8.1 and one windows 7 pc, you can map folders on a hdd to more pcs than one, aslong as they are in the same workgroup on the network, been able to map drive like this for a long time (as i mapped an external dvd-rw as i dont install them in a pc any more i just keep one hooked up incase any one needs it)  just never had a user name and pw issue before.

all the users had there own access setup before i started to try and share, as i needed there user names to access the folders (i have no pw on the wd for the users)

each PC can only use a single username to connect to a share on the mycloud (or a PC). so if you need access to shares A, B & C  you need permision as a single user to each share, if another user needs access to shares B & C they need permision to those shares and not share A

within reason a share can be connected to as many PCs as needed