Network lost

the device loses a network in certain cases, for example, at shutdown (reset) of a router. After router restarted, the player doesn’t appear in a network. It does senseless WD Remote use.

I forgot to tell:

it occurs during content playing from usb-device


Do you obtain the same results if you set a static IP configuration in your WD TV Play?


with static config too

network maybe lost when playing content from local usb-device without restarting router.

but when i play content through network (e.g. youtube or dlna) network is stable.

in the stop() function of the file dhcpc.script of GPL sources presents line

ifconfig $if

this command runs when network down. And device try to get new ip-address. And device not receive new ip-address if router unavailable.

I think this is reason of losing a network.

In squashfs part of wdstreamer.bin presents this dhcpc.script file with same content.

так и разбежались отвечать наши разработчики ПО устройства. Когда будет новая версия прошивки с исправлением всех недостатков устройства?

and ran up to answer our software developers of the device. When there will be a new version of firmware with correction of all shortcomings of the device?


Unfortunately, firmware release and development roadmaps are not available to all Western Digital staff members.

так есть же в вашем сообществе разработчики устройства и его прошивки. Я им этот вопрос адресовал.

so there are developers of the device and its firmware in your community. I addressed this question to them.