Network link down


I’ve got a WD Live 2TB version updated at the latest fw version.

Don’t know why but sometimes my mac lost from finder (often after a wake up from sleep mode) my MBL connection and until I don’t reboot it I can’t access to my stored file.

From the WebUI I’ve got this all times. Even  if I close all the alert every time, they came up again exactly in the same sequence and alert message :

Anyone could help me? (I’ve already try to restart my netgear and “power cycle” the MBL.

Make sure you CHECK the box: “Don’t show this alert again” before the X the message.

Ok but if I check that box how can I know if that issues are from past or there is a problem on the nas that generate that alert message every time? I don’t think that ignore the alert message is a good choice.

Well, if you set up E-MAIL alerts, it will have a timestamp when the error occurred.

In which menu I can turn on the email alert feature?