Network Link Down - message 4-5 times per day

MyCloud4TB - WDBCTL0040HWT-00
Latest firmware - updated August 2018.

I get this message “Network Link Down” 4-5 times per day.
It started some times this summer. After firmware update?? (I do not know)

  • I can map My cloud (all folders) via Windows 10.
  • I can access all files via WD Access
  • I can access it via MyCloud service (

And my router (ASUS RT AC87U) works fine to all other devices (printers, PC’s etc)

Any Suggestions?


Access the My Cloud Dashboard and click on the Notification icon (or what ever it’s called) at the top: mycloudnotificationicon

Remove any entries that indicate the link was down by clicking on the trash can icon next to each entry.

Then see if warming messages continue in the WD task bar icon/app you have installed on your Windows PC.

@jhorlyck This is same as Bennor post, check you Dashboard>Settings>Notifications to see what you have chosen and you can delete any old notifications, use dropdown menu under the bell. See example image below. Click on, tap or activate image to enlarge it.

I have done as told. And all old messages disapeared.
BUT: warning messages keep coming almost as fast as I can delete them.

Do new notifications appear in the My Cloud Dashboard?

What app is displaying the warning messages on the computer? Any way to access that program/app settings and disable notifications?

As a troubleshooting step what happens if you put a network switch in between the My Cloud and the Asus router?

The warnings appear on the dashboard as well as in Windows 10 notifications. If I delete them one of the places, they also disappear on the other.
I do not have a network switch.
In windows 10 I can change the setup so notifications from WD app manager does not show in W10. But they still appear on the dashboard.

I have another issue: WD sync says “WDcloud up to date” (No files pending), but there are plenty of files that are not synced.
Are these problems related?

Take a look at the Asus router logs to see if there is any indication in there if the My Cloud is disconnecting.

One suggestion, reserve a static IP for the My Cloud on the router. Also if reserving an IP address in the router, ensure the My Cloud is configured (in the Dashboard > Settings > Network) for DHCP so it pulls an IP address from the router.

Another suggestion is to dump the My Cloud logs via Create System Report under the Support option under the ? icon at the top of the Dashboard. Then look through the logs to see if there is any indication as to why it’s generating the network link down message.

WD Sync is flaky with lots of user complaints. Don’t know if un-syced items in WD Sync would cause a network link down message, but perhaps it might if it somehow overloads the network link on the My Cloud causing the network port to cycle it’s connection off/on. More than a few have dumped using WD Sync and use third party programs like Free File Sync (