Network issues - virgin superhub

I’m a newbie to this forum and not great with networks!

I have a virgin superhub controlling my internet and home network, all my devices (laptop, ipad, phone, wii and playstation) all connect wirelessly ok. Superhub is in bedroom upstairs, wd tv in lounge.

My wd tv sit next to my playstation and Wii, and yet it can not see the network.

I havce tried defining the wireless connection manually (taking info from laptop via ipconfig /all)

My wd tv firmware is 1.16.13 (just updated it in case)

Can anybody give me ideas?


What network device do you expect to connect to apart from the laptop.

Do you have the same workgroup name on all devices?

I have no network shares

My nas drives are connected to my superhub.

Not worried about connecting my wd tv to my laptop

Not sure about “workgroups”

Just out my laptop next to my wd tv and it showing full reception - my ps3 is saying the same

Are you trying to connect the WD Player to the internet via wifi?

Have you got the WD Live streaming player with built in wifi?

First things first, get a proper router, a good one like an Asus

Put that waste of a peice of plastic Super $£%^&* and put it into modem only mode, connect it to a proper router, and then deal with any issues, that thing is a peice of garbage. :slight_smile: Or should I say not have any issues.

My Home network goes as follows:

Internet --superhub (wifi)

Off of superhub I am running to Nas (linkstations)

I can not even get teh wdtv live to see the network (issue 1) this is 9 out of 10 times

issue 2 when it does it keeps stating “cannot cennect to network - user/pw incorrect”

However I use the same user/pw via say my ipad sitting net to the wdtv live and it shows as full reception and connects

I am baffled

Buying a net router and putting superhub into modem

Is not really a option!