Network Issues, Very sad new WDTV owner :(

Hi All,

Mi Name is Santiago, I Live in Argentina and I just buy a new WDTV Live with the Buffalo WLI-UC-GN N.

The issues that I have are these:

  • The WDTV Live not always connected automatically to my network, I set up my network as favorite, I have the auto connect in activated but from 10 times that I power on just 3 or 4 times connect to the netowork by it self. (I have the 1.02.21 FW, with the 1.03.22 the situation was even worst so I performed a rollback)

  • The second issue is that I cant reproduce videos over the network, the speed is terrible slow, and the files are not in HD at all.

I tryied the buffalo adapter in my notbook and I can play those videos over the network perfectly ok and my network is always being recognized by the buffalo device when it is connected to the notebook, so the buffalo adapter works OK.

Any idea???, I am very very sad.

  • I Updated the FW with the 1.03.21

  • Hard Reset

  • Unplug the power cord for at least 10 minutes

  • Soft Reset

Everything seems to work great now.

Good for you.