Network is suddenlly down..please help


I have a myCloud 2TB - bought it two weeks ago.

I use the desktop WD My Cloud to copy data to it (mostly pictures) around 21 GB.

But the network interface of the wdmycloud is suddenlly down. I can not access to it anymore even through the dashboard.

I have tried to ping to it but it not response.

So I decided to plug out the power and plug in to restart the driver then it come back to work.

Could you please help me with this issue?

I use TP-Link TL-WR542G to connect my PC with Mycloud.

Thank you very much.

Assign a fixed IP address using the interface of your Router, in the DHCP settings (IP reservation, or something like that; consult your user manual). Typically you have to enter/select the MAC address corresponding to your NAS and choose an IP address (you can choose the one that the NAS has currently).

Thanks Etupes,

Actually, I have already done like your suggestion before this error happen. But the error still occur.

Do you think i should assign all devices(NAS, mobile devices, TVs, PCs) in my network with IP corresponding to MAC?

No, you don’t need to assign a fixed IP address to all devices. Try turning sleep off on the NAS UI.

Did you upload a lot of content recently?

Yes, I started to upload a lot of content to the drive.

It seem that the issue only happen when I use the WD mycloud desktop application.

When I use windows explorer, there is no issue.

Anyway. thank you for your advice, I will try to use it for some times.

Yes, the desktop app can behave weirdly. For example, you might move a lot of things but the content doesn’t seem to move. When something is weird, shut down the app and restart it.