Network HD Live Hub with PC running Vista


First off, im loving this player but… 

How can I network share from HUB to my PC like I can with my WD Live.  My goal is to stream BD Remux tracks from a external HD connected to my PC running Vista 64.  When I try to locate my PC under network shares the HUB does not see or recognize it! ??  Currently, I am able to stream from this particular HD using both the HUB and WD Live, but when using the HUB, I have to use a third party media server which means that I get no media information, cover art or background movie images.   Right now I’m using TVersity… 

I have been reading through the forums daily since I bought this thing, but no one has mentioned a problem like this specific to Vista 64 and the HUB network share.

Doesn’t see your PC under network shares? Odd. It sees my Win 7 and Win XP PCs just fine. Try turning the box off completely (hold the power button until fan shuts off) then turn it back on. Are you connecting with wires or wirelessly? Can other computers on the network see your shared Vista PC?

Thanks for the reply… 

As far as my network is concerned, it’s fine.  I have several devices connected but the HUB is the only one that cant see my PC.  I am able to transfer media from my PC directly to the HUB because it is listed as a network resource on my PC and of course I mapped the HUB internal drive to my network.  I use my PC essentially as a centralized media source  with regard to my music pictures and movies.  I have no media loaded on any of my other devices…laptops,etc…  I stream most all of my media directly from my PC.

Currently, the only resource located in my HUB network share is my WD Live located on another television. 

I will try the fix you suggested and keep you posted!!


I think this is a VISTA 64 specific issue! 


I have two laptops running W7 and both popped up on my HUB network share but still no PC.  Then…  I turned on my WD live and saw all three, both W7 laptops and Vista PC…


Please Help if you have any suggestions!

No idea. I personally think VIsta was a Windows 7 beta, and now it’s time to update to the final version :slight_smile:

I run Vista 64 and have no (or at least rare) issues with network shares…  

Make sure your folders are shared with user “Everyone” having at least Read access.  

If you’ve updated the firmware on your Hub, try doing a Factory Reset.

Yes…Vsta 64 and my WD equipment have worked together on my network share so far.  All folders are shared appropriately…and as I mentioned in the above post, my WD Live recognized my Vista PC just fine.  I guess this problem is specific to my system then. 

Upgrading to Seven as we speak… 

Cool. Just so you know, the latest firmware broke something related to Win 7 and network shares. The factory firmware was fine, but the latest firmware just screwed it up. It’s not a big deal, but basically it has to do with Microsoft Live. If you have Windows Live installed, then your Hub might have trouble connecting to your Win 7 box. The solution is to simply uninstall Microsoft Live Sign-in Assistant and that does the trick. This is what I had to do last night. Now my shares work great. 


Upgrade to Seven fixed issue! 

This does not mean I could not have got things to work with Vista 64, it’s just that I had intended on updating anyway.  I always lag behind on my main PC when new OS’s drop just to make sure they work properly…  Thanks for the responses!!

Glad you got it sorted!

I’m also planning on making the jump to Windows 7 at some point.  I dual boot XP / Vista.  Haven’t touched the XP partition in over a year I think, so I’ll probably format that drive and use it for a fresh Win7 install.

Or go OSX / Hackintosh.  Undecided.  :)