Network folder username and password


Ive got a WD Livebook and uploaded the latest version of WD Smartware  Using Windows 8 Pro (updgraded from Win 7 in the hope it cured the issue…not).

In File Explorer under Networks, Live Book,  I am unable to access any folder on the WD livebook other than Public or TimeMachineBackup. I have a personal folder and a Smartware folder with all my backed up data.  On each attempt for access I am asked for the User and Password, which I entering correctly.  I am denied access. Under properties of these 2 folders, I dont have authoirty to change owner etc.

I have 3 other PCs which do not have Smartware installed and I can access the Livebook Network folders entry of the admin user name and password. This works.

I am able to access the folders from the corrupt pPC via and the open each share in Explorer as they are mapped to the PC, howvever, after PC shutdown these mapped drives disappear and I am back to square one.

I have used Smartware to back up my files it it works ok.

Why doesn’t Windows allow me to access the shared from Explorer under the Network area? I have spent 3 days trying to fix this WD helpdesk can’t provide any more clues.

Thanks in advance.

Are you trying to use admin/admin as the password to map the shared folder, or are you using the password that you use to log into your PC? You can also try using WDlink to map the my book live. If that doesn’t help, I would try to contact tech support directly.