Network failing?...does not stay connected

My Cloud works wonderfully…until it doesn’t. Cant play a full movie. Won’t start from where it bombed out…am i missing a setting?

What type of router do you have? How many devices are on your network?

The router from ATT. New stuff(supposedly).
I tapped out and went wired…
My signal is strong enough for everything else, but pushing movies must be beyond my network’s capabilities…


Roger J.

I’ve heard really bad things about these routers. I know for some of our older products we had to have users put a switch between their NAS and the router in order to do some things. Any chance you have one handy to try with? (To be honest I’m really hoping that’s NOT the solution here, but as it’s a brand new product and I’ve never seen this issue reported I’m just brainstorming options here)

EDIT: Can you post your speedtest results? Also are the movies standard definition or HD? What are you using to stream/play the movies?