Network Expert Needed


I just bought a NEW WRT160N N router and I have the WLI-UC-GN adapter…, I suspcted that my network speed was slow, so I connected the adapater to my notebook and guess what, I just have 54mbps,

The configuration in teh router in in MIXED, when I try to swith to only N, i just lost the connection…

I dont know if the problem is the addapter or the router…

How can I know???, any idea???


I just been notified that the N mode needs WPA2, I changed that and NOW, the Buffalo adapter detects the N network.

The speed is 65MBPS, too slow, I have the notebook 10 inch awat the router.

The strange thing is that I dont have a 40mhz channel, just 20mhz and Mixed!!!, I am sure that I read that I should have a 40mhz only channel.