Network drops every approx 4 minutes: SOLUTION! I THINK

I have two computers on wireless connected to WDTV Live…

Windows 7 and XP.

Windows 7 plays flawelessly streaming.

The XP does not, would cut off every 4 minutes approx.

I read on another forum that going to:

To do this: Start Button , Administrative Tools , Services , locate “Network DDE” and ensure that Start Up Type is “Automatic”. If it’s shown as “Disabled”, right click the “Network DDE” entry and use the Properties Tab to set it to “Automatic”.

Instead of Automatic, Go To MANUAL and APPLY… Then go to RECOVERY on both DDE mentioned and click on all 3 options: “Restart the service”

Give it a try. Working for 20 minutes already for me at least…

Has not cut off yet…

Leme know how it goes!

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