Network Drive Access

I have a netgear router with the ReadyShare capabilities through usb. i can access a hard drive from my laptop thats connected directly to the router. I want to be able to use this to save movies and such on the hard drive and watch it on my live play on the tv. my laptop shows up on the devices panel on the live play but not the hard drive. any ideas on how i can get that to work, if i can at all?

Hi ChuckDodge, the WDTV is only capable of accessing files shared by Media Servers on your network. Check if your router is capable of this. 

The WD Play only supports DLNA media streaming…

ReadySHARE does support DLNA but only on supported Model Numbers.

Supported Routers:  AC1450, R7000, R6300, R6250, R6200, R4500, Centria WNDR4700/WNDR4720,
, WNDR4300, WNDR4000, WNDR3800, WNDRMAC, WNDR3700