Network Credentials - Access denied

Had Windows 10 re-installed. Everything worked fine before the re-installation.

Now cannot access my WD My cloud network storage device, “Smartware” section where I have plenty of files.

All I get is a request “Enter Network Credentials”. Tried various combinations, including my Windows email and password which gets me into the PC

Each time it’s “Access Denied” I can log into the My World control / settings via web browser…

Advice appreciated please.

In the search box for Windows 10 enter, Credential. You should then see the link for Credential Manager or you can open the Control Panel>User Accounts and find it. See if there is anything in it for My Cloud and/or SmartWare. If there is then delete it and then retry what you are doing on SmartWare. See example image below.


Thanks for that. In fact, I can now get into the drive. I rebooted it and since then it has been OK