Network crashes


I’ve set up my WD live with a WD 2tb hard drive and connected it to my network they show up on my laptop as networked, although when I start to transfer a movie from my laptop hard drive to the WD live hard drive across the network, the network crashes after a couple of minuets the transferred file appears on my WD live hard drive but only about the first 30 secs. Any ideas why or fixes would be greatly appreciated.


Had sort of the same problem when I first got my SMP.

Mine was usually fine transferring from a pc on wired network, but SMP always dropped network when transferring from a pc on wireless, had to restart SMP to get it working again, trying to setup network without a restart always crashed the SMP.

After messing around I managed to discover the problem was down to a netgear switch the SMP was plugged into, switch is fine with every other thing which was plugged into it – just the SMP does not like it.


thanks for the reply markinuk, sorry if I’m a bit slow on the up take here is the smp on the netgear router or accessed through the o/s


I had a lan cable from my router to a netgear switch behind the TV to which the TV, Bluray player, Xbox 360 and smp were plugged into, it was the netgear switch which the smp did not like, after replacing the netgear switch with another TPlink switch I had it has not dropped off the network since.

How is your smp connected to the network ??


wireless connection.

wd live with external hard drive connected to TV with HDMI, video files transferred from laptop to wd live across wireless network (netgear router).

Thanks for the reply and advice.