Network Copying Speeds

Can anyone comment on network speed? I had a sharespace for about one hour before taking it back for slow performance. Any speed rates on USB 3.0 and network? Im looking to transfer blu ray files from my western digital 3tb drives to the sentinel to save space! 

Any numbers would help me on making a purchase!

You can plug your usb drive into the WD box and copy locally.  Much faster than over the network.

here is a link to some speed tests

Thank you so much for taking the time in posting this. I am for sure getting one. Going to wait for a bit so the price can drop! Too high for my budget…

I priced the drives in the box at amazon a bit over 400 bucks each.  So if you need 4 drives get the box for under 1200, pull the drives, and throw the box away :slight_smile:

Unless you have a true USB 3.0 device, copying over the network will be faster than USB 2.0.

I’ve not tried a USB 3.0 device on the Sentinel…but so far I have tried some laptops that claimed to have USB 3.0 ports and found the transfer rate to be not much better than USB 2.0.  This is because they are using cheap USB chipsets that are junk.  Not sure what they have done in this device - but I hope for the best!