Network connection slower connected to wd live hub as compared to laptop on same network cable

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Im trying to stream movies over my network. I have a pc running windows 7 64 bit connected to a 4 port router. I connect a laptop to the router, share drives and then copy a file and get average speeds of 10.5MB/s. I then disconnect the laptop and use the same connection to my wd live tv hub, copy the same file and only get average speeds of 6MB/s.

Im sure this has been discussed often but i can’t find a post that covers this straight forward scenario. 2 different devices connected to the same device via a router gives different transfer speeds. What is confusing is that i thought the live hub had  faster network card/ connection. Strange.

Can anyone give me a clue as streaming blu-ray iso’s over the network gets choppy and unwatchable at times.



I have the same problem and did not find a solution so far…

6 Megabytes per second is at the low end of “normal.”

Yeah, the Hub has a Gig-ethernet port, but the CPU is nowhere near powerful enough to fully utilize it…   In fact, about the best you can ever hope to see is around 110-120 megabits per second to the Hub.

Sometimes the bit-rate of Blu-Rays, particularly Raw ISO rips exceeds the SAMBA performance of the Hub.  

Since the Hub doesn’t support BluRay Menuing, you might want to run a program called 


to pull out just the main movie and the Audio tracks you want.    Just removing several audio tracks can reduce the bitrate substantially.

Using TSMuxer takes maybe 10 to 15 minutes to make a new M2TS file that has just the content you want.

If the BitRate is STILL too high, you can use MKVMerge with the High Profile Preset to re-compress the video much more efficiently than the original TS file, and reduce the bitrate by half or more.

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Thanks guys I am extracting the m2ts files using tsMuxer so that isnt a solution, further compression maybe worth a try. All good, just a bit of a shame it cant handle the blu ray rips over the network. Thanks for getting back.