Network connection failure (908)

After weeks of trouble free connection, the My Cloud app will no longer connect to OneDrive. Attempting to connect brings up a My Cloud error box with the message “Network connection failure (908)”. Google not much help with this particular error code. I have the same problem on two Android devices that run different versions of Android. Both connect to Google Drive. Restarting the Cloud Access service on the server didn’t solve the problem. Any ideas?

@Gooner49 Have you looked at this from the Knowledge Base? What do you own, a My Cloud or My Cloud Home? See links for both below.

I did check out the knowledge base but could find no reference to Network connection failure (908). It would be helpful if there was a bit of detail on the (908 ). Also, does anybody know how the connection from the My Cloud app to OneDrive works. I would have thought it was entirely independent of the NAS hardware. I am struggling to see what has changed. Has there been a recent software update for the My Cloud app? The app only has a problem with One Drive. Access to files on the NAS, local device and Google Drive works fine.The One Drive app on my Android devices connects without a problem.

I have the exact same problem. I also do not have an ability to connect to OneDrive and I suspect it has to do with OneDrive security. Would be helpful if error code 9087 were defined somewhere. Not to be found on the WD forum or Knowledgebase.

I am able to connect with Google Drive so there does not seem to be anything wrong with the MyCloud link for that purpose.

I have the same problem, always trouble free connection, but suddenly this failure of network connection 908. What is the sollution?

This not the sollution. The problem is we can not connect to Microsoft onedrive any more. always trouble free connection, but suddenly this failure of network connection 908. What is the sollution?

The problem still exists … just experienced it again myself.

How about it WD?
Why is the mycloud app unable to link to OneDrive, returning a 908 error?

Do you own a My Cloud or My Cloud Home? This is the sub-forum for a My Cloud Home.

If you need help from WD then you should contact them or try support.

Does look like the My Cloud app supports the new API of OneDrive.

Yes, I own a MyCloud device. Support for this error code refers to the community and this thread comes up as being active for this error code.

adding my name to the list – this is frustrating. 908 Error and people have been asking about it for six months…

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I’m facing the same problem and don’t know how to fix it :sob:

Months and months later… This is still a problem. The Android app for mycloud still refuses to connect to OneDrive despite it being an option alongside Dropbox and Google drive. I would have thought WD would have resolved this as it’s been around a year at least.

Does anyone know a work around?

Over a year later and still no solution from technical support