Network connection failure (903) on android tablet and phone

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I am new on the forum and just purchased wdmycloud 3 terabyte external drive .  I can access it through my tower and laptop but when i try with my asus memopad hd7 or my samsung s2 phone I get a network connection failure (903) message.

I have been over it three times with wd tech support and reloaded the apps many times and they had me do a configure rebuild and upgrade the firmware on my dlink-dir655 router.  and a few other things.  they claimed they could access it from their end last time when they suggested it was my router.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


I am adding this on as extra info.  I have a my book live hooked up as well and allso a seagate drive that both go to the router as well.  Now i am wondering if there is a conflict.    Also on my dashboard it says zero kb free when there is 1.37 terabytes left on the wdmycloud drive.


Here is another update .   I was on the phone with wdmycloud support today for the fifth time and they want me to call back tomorrow and ask foe level 2 support as the people on level 1 cannot figure it out.


Problem is fixed …  Level 2 support remotely accessed my computer and and after looking around and trying a few things decided to try a system only factory restore to save the data I had and try and reset the system and it worked.  We had to reload the apps on both the phone and tablet after that and give them new activation codes and then_ _I was able to access them.  This fix also took away the problem of the drive saying zero kilobytes available. 

Thanks to all who read my posts.


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