Network connection disabled - I'am outstanding

I habe done a stupid thing.

I habe deactived the network-connection of my DX4000 (clicked on the wrong connection)

Now I counld not reach my DX4000 !

How could I enable the network-connection agin without network-connection ???

Thank you for response



perhaps if you can find a very simple generic usb adapter that would self install

I don’t understand your tipp.

Which usb adapter to install ?

I believe Gramps is referring to a generic USB VGA port:

Something like  this one here (just an example, I haven’t used or tested it):

Sorry I was actually refering to a generic usb NIC.  I have a cisco one I will try here shortly.  Though as Vineet sugests perhaps a VGA would fire up also.  I have one of those here somewhere also, but I have never gotten it to work on a working system LOL so I am no help there. 

You basicly need a usb network adapter that will load without supplying drivers or clcicking next to anything.  You would have to practice on similar hardware.  Hang on and I will try my cisco dongle.

Well the cisco usb network dongle did not work.  Not to say a usb nic would not work, just this one did not self install.

 I ordered a usb vga thingy, be here tomorrow.  Will try that.

I guess this means you did not have the box backed up?  Just restore from backup?

Keep in mind any peripherals used to work around disabled NIC’s will need to have drivers that are already baked in to Server 2008 R2. We get spoiled with Windows Update having such a thorough collection of downloadable drivers!

I could not get the USB VGA thing to work either.  If you can find a usb nic that will slef install is the only option other than a factory reset.

I swear I had a usb nic that did that but I can’t lay my hands on it now.

One possible option would be to try plugging in a USB Wifi adapter with WPS support on the USB port at the back of your WD Sentinel Device, assuming you have a wifi router with wps available.

Hi Wolfgang,

I did the same thing on Friday. Called up WD and they said all I can do is make a recovery usb dongle and then reset the whole thing! by the point that they got back to me though I had already plugged in a keyboard. Pressed Ctl+alt+del and entered the password and clicked enter. Then press the windows key and type “view network connections” enter. Then press tab 4 times. then press the right arrow click the scroll key (the same as pressing the right mouse button) and the press the down arrow once and press enter which enables the network. Try it on a normal pc first to make sure it calls up the right things first though.


“if” you had a backup of the registry, you could boot with a WinPE built bootable USB and remotely “fix” it or perhaps via the commandline repair tools.

not completely sure how exactly that would be done, but I would start there instead of a complete rebuild.


What keyboard did you use?  I am unable to get it to recognize a keyboard.  Had you already installed drivers?

This shows there is a design fault in these boxes in that you cannot reset the config only.

There is no design that can protect against human stupidity. You are not supposed to turn off the network.

If you search, you can find a windows PE boot image that you can boot from USB and get VNC remote desktop to your machine. Somewhere else you can find out how to remotely edit the registry and turn back on the network.

For the USB nic must have built in windows drivers for the suggested trick to work. If you stick the usb nic in a windows (same generation) box that its never been installed in before and it prompts for a driver, it will not work.

Well the newer version has a VGA port on the device.  So if anything liek this happened you could hook up a monitor and re-enable the NIC card. 

There are a lot of outstanding people that do seemingly stupid things.  Anyone criticizing that just lacks imagination and not so smart as to do ‘stupid things’. 

He who adheres only to the facts never runs the risk of inspiration. -wk

You would THINK that a professional “mission critical” SAN device coming from this usually excellent company would have a fail safe, since THERE IS NO OTHER WAY TO GET TO THE BOX’S DESKTOP, like NOT ALLOWING the ONLY connection and control option to be disabled? AT LEAST GIVE A WARNING MESSAGE LIKE “You are about to commit SANicide! don’t do it!  Call us and we will talk you down”. 

Having to download an 8+ gigabyte file from a SLOW website then doing ‘hacky’ things to get a USB bootable in the DX4000’s USB slot to recover is beyond my understanding.  Here is a ripe opportunity for a ‘shut off the NIC’ virus/trojan maliciousness.  A simple script, boot file, whatever to test the NIC state and turn them on if they happen to be off during the boot process would be simple enough.  There are a whole lot of ways to do this especially since the test is absolute in its directive.  If the box’s NICs are (both?) OFF TURN THEM BACK ON!

I am curious to see the new revision of the Sentinell boxes.  But how could they miss so many obvious flaws in their design the first time? 

FWIW the new DS boxes have a video port so this is not an issue.

The original requirement for this OS from Microsoft was headless.  While the DX was not required to be headless, all the functionality was there.  Headless presents unique oportunities :slight_smile: