Network Adapter LinksysWUSB600N V1 Burned Up?

I purchased my WD Live a week ago and read up before I purchased a wireless adapter. I ended up buying a Linksys WUSB600N V1 which was on the list of compatible adapters. I plugged it in and it found the network immediately. I only needed to enter my security settings and I (thought) was on my way. I soon got the dreaded dropped network. After connecting and getting dropped a few more times , I decided I would read up and see if there was any help/solutions, but first I had some obligations to take care. Later in the day, when I tried to connect to the network, It was if there was no USB adapter connected. I tried putting in all settings manually etc. I finally went up to the unit, pulled out the adapter and realized it was very hot. I let it sit a few and plugged it back it in, no connection. I tried the other usb port, no connection. I hooked up a USB hard drive that had been hooked up previously and it was recognized immediately. I then plugged the adapter into my laptop and the laptop did not recognize the adapter. I tried the same with my PC with no luck. So the adapter is dead. Now I have to determine if the WD Live burned it up or it is a bad adapter and it was just a coincidence. I of course will return the adapter, but will be hesitant to try it again. Just like a lot of people I am disappointed. Any comments, theories?

Hey, hey, hey!

Got my exchanged adapter today and so far so good. No network drop. Been to YouTube, Pandora and Live365, Listened to music off my Family room PC  and watched about ten minutes of a movie and a TV show to see if it might drop the connection like before (it was like a lot of people about 4 minutes).  This is the same adapter model as before. Really the only thing difference is, I had put the WD Live in more permanent place on my entertainment center, where as before I had it on the floor (carpeting) because I was still experimenting.  I am pretty happy, because I was sure when I got my replaced adapter I would have the same issue.  My only problem now, is not being able to use the component set up (I get a green screen and  a green and blue video picture).Right now I am using a older 32" TV.  I have a newer LCD 32" TV that is on the fritz right now. I think it would handle the component and has HDMI as well. I can’t wait to be able to afford to fix it and see if there is any change for the better. When I connected to the internet, the firmware update came up and I declined. I don’t think I am going to take that dive yet, because everything is good here. Why take a chance? I will continue to read up on the firmware and then decide in the future.

Downloaded PlayON media server. The Wd Live handled everything I threw at it. Watched Hulu, CNN, Nickelodeon, podcasts and much more. PlayOn is excellent and there is a lot of content out there for it.  Netflick can be connect to as well, but I don’t have a Netflick account. So everything is up and running and all the the things the WD Live can do are quite impressive. Very, very, occasionally will drop the network connection but rare.Two complaints, one being the component hook up giving a green screen( I have no HDMI so I am using the composite jacks). The second is when I eject the USB, there is no eject option for the wireless adapter.  Whether I leave them in or pull them when the unit gets turned off, when turn it on, it does not recognize either. I have to do a “cold” reboot and un plug the unit from the back and after it’s plugged  it back in it recognizes the usb’s. Any suggestions about leaving the unit on or dealing with the usb’s? I am afraid if I leave them, they might get fried as the first wireless adapter I bought burned out after being  plugged in all day. I you are interested in PlayOn, you can sign up for a 15 day trial and see all the things it can do. I don’t  think there is really any comparison between PlayON and TVersity. After trying to watch programs with TVersity for a hour. I downloaded PlayOn and was watching HULU in about 5 minutes.  When I saw the cost 39.99, I figured I might buy it some time but that I just couldn’t afford it. I searched for online coupons with no luck.  Lo and behold when I got a welcome email from PlayOn there was offer to get it for 19.99 plus 8.95 for a month of GameFly (a game rental by mail  service).  The 28.94 is a lot cheaper than 39.99, so I am going to do it.

There is no need to eject the USB wireless adaptor. The eject only applies to disc’s.

Oh ok ty, I appreciate the feedback. What about the issue of having to unplug the unit, then plugging it back in to recognize the wireless adapter and usb device? If  l leave them in and turn off the unit, then turn it back on it doesn’t recognize them until I pull them out, unplug and plug it in and inset them again. I have read this happening to a few others. If I thought the newest firmware update would help, I might try that, but everything is running so smooth, I hate to mess up a good thing.