Network access trouble with WD My Book Live

Hello everyone,

I have a problem to access to my hard drive Western Digital My Book Live 2TB on my home network.

It is connected with a RJ45 cable to the adsl box router (FreeboxServer on a Freebox Revolution. It’s a french provider).
I have access to the disk interface on my web browser, where the HD state is good
I also have access with FTP software Filzilla (reading and writing access).
I can see it on the router interface : active DHCP: Reachable
It is not set with fixed iP.

But it is not accessible with Explorer windows (windows shows me the following message : \ \ MyBookLive \ Public is not accessible. The specified network name is no longer available.

If I restart the hard drive, it is now accessible with Windows Explorer and then suddenly becomes inaccessible.

The drive firmware is up to date.
I installed the hard drive in June 2013 on a PC with Vista. I changed early September pc with windows 8.

Thank you for your help.

Did you try mapping the drive?

Mapping a My Book Live, My Book Live Duo, WD TV Live Hub, WD ShareSpace or My Book World on a Windows PC

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Thanks for your reply.

I used a fixed IP on my computer since yesterday and it seems to work fine.

If the trouble will appear again, i’ll use your solution.

Sounds good to me.

Glad to know it is working again.