Network access in Win7/32

Hi Community! 

Today i have bought the WDTV Live Player and i am wondering, if it is poosible, to get network shares working with Win7/32? Playback of Web Content is working fine, but if i select a share folder, nothing happens! 

Can you please help me and sorry for my poor english! 

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From Control Panel choose Network and Sharing Center.

Choose Change advanced sharing settings.

Turn on network discovery

Turn on sharing so anyone with network access can read and write files in Public folders

Turn off password protected sharing  ( if you don’t want to enter password all the time)

Use public folders or pick a folder and set to share from properties.

Hi Raster99!  Thanks for your reply, but all these “normal things” i have done and it doesn’t work! It seems there are a lot of people with sharing issues! 

Make sure you are accessing your share folder from the proper entry point.

For Music select the Music Icon first then select your music share folder.

For Video select the Video Icon then your video share folder.

For example: Trying to play a video after accessing the video share folder from the music Icon will not work.

Thanks again, Raster99, but i am not a beginner! I can see media inside “Sreaming Media”, but only these can be played with WMP! If i select a share, nothing happens and i have shared 6 folder on my computer! Playback of web content e.g. YouTube is working fine!

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Same problem, I guess we have to return our products, it aint working

I got it working first time, after that, nothing (trying 2 computers).