Network 1080 stream

Hi all!

I have wdtv live from few years ago. Now i want to connect it to my PC over wifi. I have few qs pls.

  • My plan is to buy TP link USB adapter TL-WN821N for my WDTV . It is on the list.

  • I have TP link router TL-WR841ND on my home desktop connected to Gigabit LAN card. This router is not on list but its connected to PC i dont see problem.

Will this configuration work for 1080p streaming from my desktop?

Since router is not on the list, is this problem? Does both USB dongle AND router HAVE to be on list or just one that goes on WDTV?

Thanks in advance!

that the router is not showing in the list, doesn’t mean that it wont work is only that
WD wont support it if you have any problems… you shouldn’t have any issues with it.