Netmask Question

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I have just bought My Book Live Duo 8TB, but I have a network problem. My University has both wired and wireless internet. Details of wired connection is given below:


Details of wireless connection is also given below:


I tried to set up static IP address ( for MBL with netmask but It didn’t work (it it not possible to connect it).

Is it possible to connect to MBL from wireless network if I assign static IP to it?

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Emrah Akyar

You might be able to connect, but it looks like you could get yourself into trouble. Connecting devices like the My Book Live to a university network can bring IT breathing down your neck.

Here are a couple options

If you still want to put it on the network, use the wired side. It will be faster.

First, from your computer, ping an IP address that you want to use. Hopefully if another computer is using it you will get a responce.

Once you have an IP address that does not respond to a ping, put that into the MBLD.

Make sure you use the exact same subnet mask that your school is using (

You should be able to access your Duo from that IP now.

Since you have WiFi already, just direct connect it to your computer. 

Leave the Duo set for DHCP, and your PC set for DHCP.

Connect the network cable that came with the Duo from your PC to the Duo.

Reboot both the Duo and your PC.

You should be able to see the Duo in you Network places if you have discovery turned on. (Home Network)

Dear Chaos311,

Thank you very much for your answer, but my problem is different:

First, I have already attached my MBLD to wired network.

If my PC is also connected to wired network, I can easily access MBLD. But, when my PC is connected to wireless network I could not access it. As you see in the figures subnetmask for wired network is But wireless network subnetmask is

Is this a problem for accessing to MBLD?

Have you tried accessing it via IP address?

SOmething like 


… or whatever?

Ohh… got ya now.

From your screenshots the wireless and wired networks are logically seperate. Unless there is a router that is moving traffic between them you will not be able to access one from the other.

If you know the IP address of your Duo perhaps you can access it using the method Tony mentioned.

Try "ping"ing the Duo. If you get a response then you have a good chance of being able to connect to it. If you don’t get a response then it probably is not going to work.


Thank you very much.

\\Public is Ok.

Now, my problem is only accessing dashboard. is not working

You will get an error if you try to access the Dashboard from another network. There are a couple threads around here on that, where people are trying to access their MBL from the internet.

Most likely that is what you are having a problem with now…

That’s correct.   The WD won’t allow you to access the UI from anywhere other than the local network.   And in your case, the local network is ONLY the WIRED network.