Netgear Stora 1TB -> MCM 2TB New NAS/Tech Refresh

As the title states I have a Netgear Stora that I am twilighting. It is being replaced by a MCM.
I’m struggling as to how I can get the files from the stora onto the MCM.
Moving them from the Story to a computer and then back to the MCM is going to be extremely time consuming. I struggled with a google search to find a way that would work more effectively.

I am not able to log into the dashboard. I tried Admin as user and no password. Nothing. Did the recommended reset, nothing. Feel like this should be near as hard as it is. The device would not reboot when holding down the reset button.

Hi there,

For how long do you press the reset button, it should be done for 4 to 6 seconds. Hope this helps you out.

Not as hard as it seems. I presume a Stora is some sort of Netgear-specific drive you have connected to your PC or network.

With this in mind, here’s what you do: First thing is don t copy files from Stora to the PC, instead keep Stora connected to PC or network. If you have a wired gigabit network, just copy files from Stora to MCM at gigabit speed. I copy from drives all the time this way; it’s the only way.

Don’t have gigabit? Then get a gigabit network switch (around $20)
and connect PC (w/attached Stora) and MCM to it. Bingo, gigabit transfer speeds. Turn of PC wireless Wi-Fi while doing this.

Some people have said they can directly connect PC to a NAS to do this, but I have not done so; it seems there should be an appropriate “buffer” between the two.

If someone can confirm they directly connected this way, and they “harmed no animals” in the process, I’d like to know.