Sir or madam,

I have a WD-TV live hub media center, I have paid good English money for,  I really enjoy it and proud off it, being a photographer it a very handy tool for my work and pleasure , but the down fall is lack of soft wear in it, like Netflix films, I ask WD, when are you going to do this please, NOW thank you, you are taking your time, other head-wear people have ready have this in and others soft-wears, I’m not going to buy another WD, I have four different head drive, of yours,         So please WD, move on, thank you, but no thanxs for taking time! 

Yours loyal daring customer Farhat Zaffar


Uhm, what?   The Live Hub has had Netflix forever.   What’s the issue you’re having?

Can you get netflix on WDLive TV, media centre? (i have not got the latest one) if you can, how because I seem to not have it?!

thank you

Where do you live?

Sorry mate, Ihad pop out for bit, yes you asking where do I live, England, in Nottingham, I hope this will be help! 

I think, I’m talk to a brick wall, WD, only good eought for storage my photo, get my money wroth, out off 200.00 pounds off one of them WDs!

Who told you it was supposed to support Netflix in the UK? If the store sold you on that, then get your money back.

Netflix is not listed in the Online Services list for the UK.