Netflix movies wont play for the last 2 days.  Problem started last night.  I have reset my comcast modem, and router, and the wdtv live hub, have 2 of them.  Both experiencing the same problem.  I have contacted comcast and they have no network problems in the last 2 days.  I have also contacted netflix and they are showing no problems on their end either.  I can stream video to my pc without problem.  However, the wdtv hubs, both freeze once you go into the netflix app and the instant queue comes up.  It takes a few minuts after but pressing the home button the remote will eventually take you back to the main wdtv menu.  As I stated all boxes have been powered off and turned back on.  Units are new and purchased within the last 2 months.  Both are behaving the same with netflix, so I am inclined to believe this is a firmware issue, where something changed in the protocol with netflix etc vs a single hardware issue related to a single box.

Any help would be appreciated.




its automatically updated to latest,.  could be a bug on wd’s end, but no way of knowing.

There’s no WD end when it comes to NETFLIX… The Hub talks directly to NFs systems. I’m not having any issues this evening. You can try to DEAUTHORIZE the hubs from Netflix website and rejoin them. So them one at a time. If that doesn’t work, might need to do a full reset on your Hub by poking the itty bitty button on the bottom.

I have had a similar problem w/ netflix, along with no sound after playing a Netflix program mulitple times in a row (once I stop it & restart the audio works fine). I find the HUB in general has issues playing one media , and then going to another media…like the previous codec doesnt release properly. I have gotten into the habit of restarting the unit after playing a music sequence or a DVD rip before trying to play something else. Its repeatable, predictible & highly annoying.

I’ve had the same issue for 3 days now…  I can watch other videos, and stream Netflix to any number of PC’s in the house.  Has there been an official response to this?  Has anyone found a working solution.  To be honest, I only purchased this hub for Netflix, as I already own a Live Plus…

To add, I am on the latest firmware, and this was working for a months time with no problems.

An official response to what?   The post you just responded two is almost two months old with no further commentary, that implies that those users have had no further issues.