Netflix won't load, WD Live

We’ve had the unit for about 2 years, and never had any issues until our internet provider sent us a new modem/ wireless router a few weeks ago.  All other devices in the house connect fine, so I don’t think it’s an issue with the modem itself.  The WDTV will get to the red Netflix loading screen, and just freeze there.  I’ve checked the network connections, and have green check marks for all 3 (IP, DNS, Internet).


I would recommend ensuring the new router/modem is properly configured to allow Netflix streaming, disabling Quality of Service features or data serving features.

Three other devices in the house are streamign Netflix with no problems.

JStaff, I’m not sure how to do what you’re recommending.  Can you please explain in layman’s terms?  There are three other devices in the house which are all streaming Netflix, from the same modem, with no problems. 

I have had the similar problem for the last few days. Netflix won’t load. The red screen comes up but the loading bars don’t start and then a grey screen comes up saying it can’t connect to the network. Other internet apps are working and I can also start Netflix through my smart tv. How can I fix the WDTV so I can watch it through there again?
Help really appreciated.


If other devices on your local network are able to access the service and you have also performed full resets, then perhaps direct assistance is needed on your case. It is possible the device itself is not working properly.

Had the same problem with new modem. All other devices, computer, phone would connect. No wd live plus internet apps would connect. Checked internet connection within wd menu, got red x on dns. I had checked my modems setting earlier and remembered the dns last two digits were .18 and another .19. The last two digits on the wd dns were.19. I changed it to .18 and now all wd apps work including netflix. I hope this helps someone…