Netflix will not load

I’ve been using the WD TV Live Hub with no problems until now.

When I try to run Netflix I get the intro screen, it goes to the loading screen for a few seconds, then the device restarts.

I used it last on 3/11 with no problems after I upgraded to 2.04.13 and my other online services such as Pandora and Facebook still work.

I have tried rolling back to 2.02.16, upgrading back to 2.04.13, manually restarting, resetting the device settings, deactivating the device via Netflix and deactivating all online services via the device. None of this has worked. Now that I have deactivated it from the device it now prompts me if I am a Netflix member.

Any suggestions?

First, you’re in the wrong forum.  This forum is for the Live / Live+, not the Hub, so a moderator might move the post here:

Suggestion:   Wait a while and try NetFlix again later.

Occasionally, NetFlix’s servers are screwy and it causes bad things to happen on the Hub.

While it’d be preferable for the hub to give an indication, a reboot isn’t unusual.

Most of the time with me and several others, the occasional “Weirdness” causes reboots when exiting the NetFlix app, or when a stream ends and the UI is supposed to come back.

Thanks. I’ll repost this in the right forum if it doesn’t work later.


I just got an e-mail from NetFlix that says “We’re sorry you might have had problems with instant streaming yesterday.   If you did…” blah blah.

So, there was apparently SOMETHING seriously wrong with their infrastructure for a period of time.

Is yours working now?

I just read something online that said that Netflix streaming servers crashed for several hours last night,  That may well have been what was causing your connectivity issues but it doesn’t really explain why your hub would restart every time you tried to access Netflix.