Netflix unresponsive


Bought this device two days ago, firmware currently at 1.16.x.

Until this evening I was really impressed, but now I’m close to hurling it out of the wondow…

Setting it up to view my network shares for photos and videos worked like a dream, and iPlayer is amazing.

However, this evening I signed up for Netflix, that process went fine, but now I just can’t get netflix to be responsive, it either hangs or claims a network issue. Using netflix via my wifi works fine on the PC, as does viewing iPlayer through WD. So I’ve either got a hardware or software issue localised to the WD device.

This has become hugely frustrating, would appreciate any thoughts out there…



I recommend that you update the firmware to its latest version ( Current Firmware - 2.01.86). You may also want to reset the media player to factory defaults and verify if your issue remains.