Netflix. The list or instant que

Alright on the computer or iPhone app you can ADD movies to your “list” or “instant que” whatever you call it. Anyway why can’t you do the same in the Netflix app on the WD TV Live Plus. And more importantly you can’t even view the list. Which is very annoying. Unless I am missing something.

I think you are definitely missing something; you can do all of those things with the Live Plus. What version of the WD firmware are you running? You probably have old firmware. A new Netflix interface was added starting with version 1.04.31.

I’m running firmware 1.05.04_B. And I can’t find my que anywhere

It’s the last entry of the main NetFlix menu.

And for instance when I click on a movie the only options I have are play and rate. There is no add. On the main menu all I see is suggestions for you, new arrivals, genres, and search. And there is no “view your list” option. I don’t know what it’s like for you

This is what my menu looks like. Does not have the instant que.

Wow! That is weird. Mine looks just like that except that I have another entry underneath ‘Genres’ that says ‘Instant Queue’.

When I select a DVD, the next menu has an entry for ‘Add to Queue’.

You can try deleting the WD device from Netflix and then sign in again with your user name and password.

Ya I tried logging out then in again. I tried removing the device from my devices on Netflix website and I tried doing factory default on the WD plus. And still won’t show the instant que list

I also tried downgrading the firmware to 1.04.31_B and it still doesn’t show the instant que.

Do you have multiple ACCOUNT PROFILES set up with NetFlix?

I think it may be time to call Netflix and ask for help.

What do you mean I have multiple devices on my account but I tried going into the website and deactivating all devices.

If that’s not what you mean I dunno. It’s not possible to have two accounts on one emial is it? ( ie paying twice a month for one address) And I don’t have another account for this address and or email.

However my grampa is paying for my service as well as his on his credit card and he has another account but set up for a different address and email.

Also I don’t know if this matters but I’m still in my free month

I would assume the answer is NO, then, but NetFlix also allows multiple account PROFILES under one e-mail address.

Other people have reported issues with that NetFlix function, and only NetFlix can fix it.

You can tell by signing into NetFlix via the Web, go to your account, and look at the ACCOUNT PROFILES section.

random11 wrote:
 It’s not possible to have two accounts on one emial is it? ( ie paying twice a month for one address) And I don’t have another account for this address and or email.

Yes, that is correct. You can have more than one account, but they have to be on different email addresses.

I still think that it would be a good idea to call Netflix at this point.

So I called and they said that the instant que hasn’t been working for some customers since the 28 th. They said they hope to have the situation fixed by monday

Still hasn’t been fixed. I phoned back and they said now that it was because I live in Canada and the instant queue is still in beta in canada. I would just like to ask if anyone else in Canada can see the instant queue.

Any more information on this?  I just bought a wd live plus and have a netflix account in Canada.

The queue (or Your List) works on the web and the iphone app but not on the wd live plus. The menu items are just missing.  Does it work for any other Canadian wd live plus netflix customers?

Like I said I called them and they said the list is in beta for Canada. So that means that not all device will support it. WD will have to update the firmware again but they probably will wait till 1 - it goes out of beta and is fully implemented and or 2 - there is enough firmware changes to warrant an update. Basically if you are in Canada your out of lick for now.

I don’t think WD will have to update anything.

The UI is now completely controlled via NetFlix (on the 1.05 and higher firmwares).    The UI is now based on a HTML5.0 web infrastructure controlled by NetFlix.

I think when NetFlix “rolls it out,” it should appear automatically.