Netflix superHD support


I have not been able to find any information if WD TV play support Netflix SuperHD?

WD TV Play is not on the list of Netflix,, but I believe it would support it from a technical point of view, so why does it not?

(as stated in the link …More devices coming soon! the WD TV play is very new so maybe it is not on the list yet?)


  • WD software

  • netflix restictions/approval

Hope anyone has an idea or suggestion

I note that it says

Blu-Ray Players, Smart TV’s, Home Theaters, and Streaming Players with existing Netflix 1080p support*

As it is known that the standard WD live streaming player supports super HD there is every reason to suppose that the Play does.


From you link I found the information I was looking. I will check once I get home to see if there is an update for the netflix client. I have also changed the videosettings on my netlix account to “best Quality” ( I have a 60/60 so that should be a problem)