Netflix superhd - is the wdtv live eligible?

Hi WD / Community members,

Netflix recently announced Super HD Service for select providers (of which my ISP is one!).

Right now, on this site, the WDTV Live is not listed as capable:

Can anyone confirm that, since the WDTV Live Streaming is 1080p capable, that we will see it added to this list?!

See the other post. There is a generic entry about BluRay and SmartTV’s that support 1080p, so I’d assume the WDTV could, too. Maybe somebody with CableVision in the US, or one of the other partners in other countries, can see if you get X-High/HD on a ‘SuperHD’ title. (Hit OPTION while playing to see video quality level.)

It appears that it’s supported. I am currently watching Haywire “superhd”. I clicked option and it does say video: X-high/HD and my provider is cablevision. Picture quality is really good.