Netflix suddenly failing

I can login to my Netflix account and view a movie on my computer.  Up until the last few days I could also do this on my WD TV Live Plus HD, but now it fails when we get to the point of starting the movie.  That is, I can connect to Netflix and select Adult or Kids, select a show, click to view it, and it all works up to the point of the movie actually starting - but now this never happens.  Instead my WD TV box waits forever - it fails to respond to the remote, and I have to power it off and back on again for the next attempt.  Connections to my local media server work just fine.  Netflix worked fine up until last week.

My firmware is 1.06.16_B

Any idea what is wrong or how to debug this?

this is probably an HDCP issue…  I replaced my small HDCP-compliant TV with a 42" Sceptre that is supposed to be HDCP compliant.  However, the handshake seems to be failing - at least that is my current guess.  I’m using the same HDMI cables in both setups (old & new TV).

I am having the same issues… 

Issues between Hiteker e32v7 and the live plus (1.06.16b firmware) through HDMI.

Loads netflix and starts to load the media and then loses signal as show starts.

Netflix down again:

I have 2 Live pluses…  One living room tv Samsung 46" netflix loads fine.  Right now.

One on bedrrom tv…  Hiteker 32"…  Can enter netflix and select show to watch.   It loads fully, but then loses signal (tv blue screen) as its starts to play.