Netflix + Subtitles

Does the WD TV Live Plus support subtitles / closed captioning in Netflix?


NetFlix doesn’t currently offer it.   It’s “Limitted” availability right now.   It’s supposedly coming out the same time they start offering 1080p videos and 5.1 sound.

From the NetFlix FAQ:


Can I see subtitles or closed captions while watching movies instantly on my PC?


Foreign-language movies streamed to your PC, Mac, or TV have subtitles “burned in” to the video (“open captions”). However, we do not currently provide closed captions or subtitles for English language movies when streamed, although you can find them on most of our DVDs.

The technologies we use for streaming do not yet adequately support closed captions, and most viewers object to permanently visible open captions, which they cannot turn off, burned into the video stream for English-language content. We are working on delivering closed captions or optional subtitles in a future technology update, probably first for PCs and Macs, probably sometime in 2010, and later for various TV-connected devices as new firmware can be created and the devices updated.

Thanks for the response Tony. Will this be supported on my plus when Netflix decides to get their shtuff together and do something to support the hearing impaired community? Many thanks

No way of knowing right now…  

Most likely yes, having subtites in Netflix shouldnt have anything to do with whats playing it, it will most likely be incorporated right in the stream itself from Netflix’s end, I cant see it being any other way really