Netflix slower on WDTV Live Streaming than WDTV Live Plus

I just bought a new WD TV Live streaming player since the HDMI connection in my trusty old WDTV Live Plus box is shorting out.

Unfortunately, Netflix seems extraordinarily slow on the WD TV Live streaming box. It takes forever to sign in to Netflix and move to new pages when pressing navigation buttons on the remote. Starting a new show can take a long time too. I frequently get a time-out error page where I am asked if I want to retry connecting to Netflix.

Does anyone know why this happens on the WD TV Live Streaming box? Is there some configuration setting I should make?

I tried plugging my old WDTV Live Plus box in again and it has much better performance with Netflix. My WII also has excellent performance with Netflix. This convinces me that this is not a network issues.

I also upgraded to the very latest firmware release for the WD TV Live Streaming box.

Frankly, I am disappointed with the WD TV Live Streaming box. I had hoped that the newest generation of the box would be way faster than the WD TV Live Plus in responding to the remote, moving between pages, etc. Instead, this new box seems to be more of a dog than my old one. I am just hoping that I have missed some kind of configuration setting that will speed things up.


Please try to roll back to the previous version of the firmware just for testing purposes.

How to roll back the firmware on a WD TV Live Streaming Media Player

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@HDKnows - Thanks for the tip. Going back to earlier firmware releases did the trick. I was running 1.15 and had to go back two versions to 1.13.

The box doesn’t seem “fast”, but I am not getting the time-outs and lack of responsiveness with Netflix anymore. I guess I will just have to be very careful when upgrading to new versions of firmware in the future.

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Agreed, 1.13.18 seems to be working for me.

Thanks for the help folks! :smileyvery-happy: