Netflix slow to pick up HD quality (buffer)

Hi, is anyone having trouble with Netflix in regards to slow buffering? When I start a movie it takes about 20 seconds and up to a minute before it displays full HD clarity, otherwise the picture is of low quality and pixelating. Also, whenever I fast-foward or rewind, it does the same thing, it’ll take time to pick up before the picture becomes clear. I have no problems with my 1TB HUB but only on this WD TV LIVE STREAMING.

Using a 10 Mbps Internet connection, it does take a little longer than with my PS3, but not a whole minute. Maybe 15-20 seconds at most. In any case, I don’t consider this to be annoying, and it could be something related to my wireless network, since my PS3 is closer to the router.

Have you tried using a wired connection?

Yes, I tried both wired and wireless and made no difference. My 1TB HUB picks up where it left off without a hitch! I since switched out this and using the HUB now, no more lag. I have 15 megs of internet speed.