Netflix shuts off/resets WD

After having no problems with my WDPlusLive playing Netflix content (other than the occasional stop/start) yesterday whenever I tried to choose Netflix from menu- it would reset back to the startup menu. No other app did this. Hulu works fine, youtube etc. My netflix works okay on the computers in the house. I have not changed anything at all. I am stumped. Anyone else have this problem?

I watched NetFlix for a few hours before the World Series (Go Rangers!) Game 4 started and didn’t have any issues.

It’s important to note that NetFlix occasionally has issues that affect only certain media players, and even certain regions of users, without affecting different media players or computers in the same household.

If the problem goes away, then it’s usually a transient NetFlix network issue.   

If it doesn’t, try reseting your WD.