Netflix service not working (Ireland)

All services on my new WD TV Live work except Netflix. This is a pity since Netflix was the only reason I purchased this device, i already had an older WD TV media streamer. Unless this problem can be resolved I will be left with little choice but to seek a return and I purchase a competitor device such as Apple TV. Can anyone please help me as i would much rather get the WD TV Live working? Here are my details.

When I select Netflix from the services after a minute it comes back with - “Unable to connect to Netflix. Please try again or visit:”.
I tried deactivating Netflix by pressing UP,UP, DOWN, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT, RIGHT, UP, UP, UP and UP. When i select deactivate, it tries to connect again and and i get the same error message.
I tried connecting through my wired connect only and through my wireless connection only. Same error for each, and all other services work fine for wired or wireless connections.
My IP config on the WD TV live is as follows:-
IP address
Subnet mask
The WD TV live choose these network settings automatically, but they look right to me based on my internal home network.
Thanking you for any help.

Probably Ireland are having the same problem as the UK, please see here:

When reading the posts above you’ll discover that there is a way around this until WD/ Netflix get this resolved.

Good Luck.

There was a DNS work around on the link above. It worked for me. Thanks very much.