Netflix service for the uk


I’ve had the WD TV Live Hub for nearly a year now and noticed that in a earlier firmware the netflix service was introduced but since I live in the united kingdom and upon the time of purchase the netflix service never appeared on uk boxes. I was curious whether the service would appear anytime soon since netflix are now providing the service to the united kingdom and I would very much like to be streaming through the live hub.

Just wondering whether the service would be appearing on the box for us uk users unless I’m missing a setting somewhere.

Thanks for your time. :wink:

Well, WD added Latin America, but they have to buy a new model of the WD TV, I think this will be added in UK, it is a great selling point, but, based in WD records in this regards, if this happens, you will end up buying a new 'WD TV.

Hope I’m wrong…

After talking with WD tech support. I have been informed that netflix will be available on the WD tv live hub on the next firmware update. However they were unable to tell me when this update will be available., but it will be soon.

It looks like someone at tech support got their wires crossed.

when i contacted tech support at WD they checked and were adamant that there will be an update to the WD live TV Hub, to allow full operation of Netflix.

Netflix has only been out for less than a week. Tech support  insisted that  the next firmware update will include Netflix and he double checked with other tech support staff regarding this situation.

You might want to read the lengthy thread in General on this. Doesn’t look good.