Netflix rebuffers every minute or so

A few weeks ago I tried to watch netflix on my WDTV Live Plus.  It rebuffered the movie just about ever minute.  Last night I watched another movie, it did the same thing, at times disconnecting from netflix.  I have tested my internet speed and I’m getting between 15-21mbs down and about 3 up.  Anyone experiencing anything similar?

Have you tried to reset the WD TV?

Yes i’ve reset it a number of times.  It still a problem. 

When I do a speed test on I’m seeing my average around 19 right now.

The show I’m trying to watch has rebuffered about 10-15 times so far and I’m about 8 minutes in. 

The doc I was just watching disconnected and would not reconnect or restart.

Is your ISP restricting bandwidth to NetFlix?

How would I find that out?


jstnhickey wrote:

How would I find that out?

Call them and ask.