Netflix really quiet

I just updated to the latest version of the firmware tonight and not too keen on the latest Netflix update. Is anybody else having an issue where the volume is really low? When I play regular videos the sound is just fine and Netflix used to be on the same volume but now I have to put the volume up to max if I want to hear normal level sound on Netflix… 

It’s only Netflix that does it. Any thoughts?

EDIT: After having a play around with it i’ve noticed it’s only on some movies/tv shows. Par example: if I play any episodes of the US version of the Office

I have seen the opposite; where the volume is so loud I’m racing to find the volume button on the remote before I break things.   :slight_smile:

It does seeem to be hit or miss, which leads me to think it’s how NetFlix has “ripped” their media, or the source of the programming.

In your case, double check your audio settings.  If this is happening on 5.1 audio sources, it’s normal for the audio to be “lower,” but not so low you have to turn your volume ALL the way up…

Yeah, it seems a bit hit and miss whether 5.1 is a factor in low volume…

Watching a TV show with 5.1 lke Reaper, it’s relatively quiet and I turn the volume up a little.

But then watching a film with 5.1, like Batman, the volume is LOUD!

Checking the Netflix forums, historically there have been issues with specific titles having unacceptably low volume.  I agree; either Netflix are ripping them oddly or the source material just has unusually low volume.