Netflix Reactivation

WDTV Live: About once a day, Netflix tells me my account has been “deactivated on this device” and I have to reactivate my account. Once I reactivate my Netflix account on my WDTV Live everything works fine for a day or so. Usually the next day the problem starts again and I have to reactivate Netflix again. HELP!!!

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Have you always encounter this issue with your WD TV Live? Honestly, I will call WD and ask for help, you might have a bad WD TV in your hands.

I’ve had that problem myself a few occassions.   I’ve reported it to WD, also…

I have the latest firmware upgrade, subtitled Why does not appear, as well as when using the firmwire 1:04:12 also not appear

anybody know…?

same issue here. once a day.

I also have the same problem.

Well, considering this post is in the wrong forum to begin with, it’s hard to know who has what.

But if you actually have the NEWEST WDTV Live (2011 model), then ya’ll need to vote for this issue:

Same problem. Went into settings, corrected my time zone and now it doesn’t happen.

wish that worked - didn’t