Netflix - Queue Unavailable OR How companies abuse their customers and get away with it!

Thank YOU WD for making us buy WD TV LIVE PLUS for the Netflix capability.  It is clear by now that you expected your customers to go into DEBUG mode so that you can save the cost of outsourcing the testing to someone else.  Why not when you have a base of thousands of customers who are willilng to test this thing for you for FREE.

So I ran into the issue of Instant Queue Unavailable on the Plus unit that I bought BECAUSE it has Netflix.

Hell NO I am not going to post my setup.  It was YOUR job to test this before rushing this out to what you take as SUCKERS.  No doubt that you have a fantastic management based on whiz kids whose expertise is based on exactly taking us for SUCKERS.  HEY IT IS NETFLIX, let us go for the GOLD RUSH.

I hope to GOD that this is HARDWARE related.  Because then you will have to issue a RECALL.  And if you do not, you are staring at at least one customer who will SUE YOU.  Actually you are already treading the grounds of a CLASS ACTION SUIT against you over this issue.

I just hope to god that this is hardware related.

Feel better?

hehehehe Yes I do feel better.  I came home last evening looking forward to the weekend and couple of movies from netflix.  And what  do I get?  Queue Unavailable.  I am tired of tinkering with gadgets.  Specially a new one that I bought just because it has netflix.  But IPhone 4 customers must have felt the same kind of frustration over dropped calls and sued Apple.  If his netflix issue proves to be hardware related, WD may have a problem on their hands.

So, are you back up and running now?

No.  I was too tired to try and fix it.  I ended up watching couple of my favorite News shows with the Plus unit using MediaFly.  I’ll tinker with the netflix thing later today.

Usually all you have to do is De-Authorize it and then Re-Authorize it   A 3 minute procedure…

Just an FYI, “usually” is a little bit of a generalization.  i read through many forums this works probably once.

I am one of those people, my NETFLIX capabilities are shot.

I got a post going on the new WD LIVE TV PLUS and how we are definitely the BETA group. 

Would like to consolidate all these issues , so if any of you would like to contribute I would appreciate it.


TonyPh - I know the steps from reading past posts in the forum on Netflix issues.  Thank you though.  With me, I had to deactivate, do a default to factory setting then reactivate again.  Netflix works now, but it is a drag because I have to reenter user names and passwords for the different dervices.

doubolplay -

I am open to suggestions.  This is definitely unacceptable.  WD behaviour with the Plus unit that is.  We need a post that should be directed to management at WD.  Not support, not engineers and not software developers.  Those people do their job.  It is the management in higher up positions that come up with schemes that take customers for Beta testers in that particular situation.  The Netflix situation is simply unacceptable.