Netflix plays videos in a small, offset window

I have a WDTV Live Hub running v3.05.10. Any time I try to watch a video on Netflix, I get a small off-center window for playback.

Any idea what this might be or how I could fix it?

I am having the same issue, and it is very annoying. Updated to v3.05.10 last night, and this problem started imediately after the update. Any help would be appreciated.

Figured it out! Must be some problem with the new Red Bull TV Channel. I noticed the video was offset just like the smaller scrren size on Red Bull TV before you open it to full screen. I found that if you went back into Red Bull TV and started a video, opened it up to full screen, then used the home button to get out of it, went back into Netflix, that the video is back to normal in full screen mode. Hope this helps if anyone else has this issue.


You rock, my man! Thanks a lot! If anyone knows if WD has a bug tracker, let me know and I’ll add a ticket (regression testing…tsk)

Yeah, that’s a good find!

Thanks!!!  I was going crazy trying to fix this problem for two weeks now!