Netflix on WDHub in Europe


I bought a WDHub and to my surprise it does not have Netflix. I logged a call with WD support and got the below reply, has any one put the streamer firmware on the hub?

We apologies for this inconvenience however the WD TV Live Hub Media Center (As well as older Media Player models) do not support NetFlix due to an encoding chip in their hardware from when they were built due to NetFlix not being enabled in these regions. The only way to resolve this issue would be to rebuild the devices, therefore a firmware update wouldn’t resolve the issue and the device will not support NetFlix in these regions.

However the WD TV Live Streaming Media Player (Gen 3) does support Netflix you may also try updating to the latest Firmware update for the WD TV Live Streaming Media Player (Gen 3) version 1.11.14 (9/2012) found here:〈=en and restarting the Geo Location once the update is applied you can do so by going to Setup >> System >> Set Time & Country >> Reset Location. We would recommend keeping an eye on the community for updates found here:


Which part of the answer do you not get ?

In the second bit are they telling me to put the streamer firmware on the HD hub or buy a streamer?

The live hub will not do Netflix in Europe and you cannot put live streaming firmware on the hub. I expect they would like you to buy a live streaming. Mind you some users have problems accessing Netflix on the live streaming. I can confirm that Netflix works on the live streaming gen 3 in the UK.

Thanks Rich, thats what i thought but its just written in a way that someone might give the upload a go, i have an apple tv3 so i can use that for netflix but wanted to go down to one device. Glad i didnt pay full wack for the WD hub or it would be going back to the store