Netflix not loading and HUB reboots in the middle of watching .avi

I update firmware with such trepadation every time but this latest update really hosed me.   Now when I’m playing a .avi that is on the internal drive, it stops and the HUB reboots its self.

Also, when Neflix is loading a show like a Scrubs episode, the Retrieving progress bar freezes about a 1/4 of the way and the whole HUB locks up…remote doesnt work.  So now I’ve had to unplug the hub about 4 times today.

Also, now everytime I start up the HUB the Compiling Media Library bar across the top displays.  Every time. sits there for awhile.

*sigh*  I do like the new UI for Netflix but not sure if thats enough for me to not roll back to previous firmware which was more stable.

I was one of those that did not have to re-register Netflix, just filled out email and password.  I have had Neflix Retrieve ok on a couple occasions bit , but mostly freezes on the Retrieving progress bar and I have to unplug.

update…rolled back to previous firmware.  I’ll miss the new Netflix UI, it’s much more user friendly…but since going back to previous firmware it now works as it did before.

Question to the community and WD

We do know that NETFLIX UI improvement comes with the new FW version 2.05.08

However, we also know that FW Version 2.05.08 is mostly unstable (Frequent Lockups) for most of the users like me and also the Gamma (Brightness) is way too high and picture looks grey and washed out in the Black areas of the video.

Here is the Question and a possible Idea…

What if we use the old Binaries found in 2.04.13 and use that to piggy back the new NETFLIX UI that is present in the ROOT FS file wdtvlivehub.bi2

The WDTVLIVEHUB.ver file can be like this…






Just copy the new  “wdtvlivehub.bi2” from the 2.05.08 version package and use the remaining files present in the old release 2.04.13…

Will this work?

Just a thought…

In this way we can have best of both worlds… Oh? we may loose Cinema now Internet service…but who uses that anyway…

Any takers of this idea?

Vista, have to disagree on one of the statements.

The brightness, as verified by others, only affects the UI.   Movie playback is unchanged.  You can see that by using the PREVIEW mode.   When the movie starts in the PIP window, the brightness shifts to the “Correct” values, and then when you move the cursor to another selection, the brightness shifts back to the “incorrect” values.

Piggy-backing the .bi2 file onto the 2.04.13 package liekly won’t work.   The Bootstrap code that installs the firmware is inside the 2.04.13 binary package, so it won’t do anything with the extra file, because it’s not been programmed to account for it.

But you can try it and let us know!  :)


You are absoultely right!  I bite the bullet and implemented my crazy idea… as there were no takers… (Why would they?) It is crazy :smileyvery-happy:

You are right… there is no way to piggy Back the second file (Assuming that it has NETFLIX UI) and still use the stable release 2.04.13…

Oh! well I tried, It was a crappy Idea anyway… Nothing bad happened… It just did not find the second file… and there was no Update 2/2… of the Firmware update process…

Darn!.. I will have to wait for the next update… and try and see if WD fixes the Gamma (Brightness) issue…


Why would they even mess with the ui brightness?

ChiliPepper wrote:

Why would they even mess with the ui brightness?

I’m sure it wasn’t intentional.   It’s what they call a “Regression error.”